Tuesday 27th March 2018 at 6.00pm to be held at Wadsworth Community Centre
This will be followed by a public meeting at 7.30pm to discuss Old Town Mill Development.


162       Members Present and Apologies for Absence.                      
163        Members Interests-to remind members of the need to declare any interests they might have in relation to items on this agenda.
164       Resolution to re-order the Agenda.
165        Public Discussion Time.
166        Approval of the Minutes of the Meeting of the Council held on 27th February 2018.
167        Matters arising from the above Minutes. 
168        a) Neighbourhood Plan
           b) Local Plan               
           1) Reports from Councillor Kimber 

169        Clerk’s Report: 
           1) Escaping water
           2) General Data Protection Regulation
           3) Transparency Code Grant
           4) Moles on Old Town Green

170        Financial Matters:
           (1) Items for payment:
           (a) Clerk’s salary                           £453.54
           (b) Clerk-computer costs                     £20.00
           (c) Kate-quarterly website fee               £72.00
           (d) YLCA 2018-2019 membership                £423.00
           (2) Grants:
           None received
           (3) Other Items:
           None received
171        Correspondence:                                                                   
           1) South Pennine Branch Meeting (14th March)
172        Planning:
          1) New Applications: 
          a) Old Town Mill Development.This item will not be discussed at this meeting.There will be a public meeting at 7.30pm at the rise
of the 6.00pm-7.30pm Parish Council meeting. 
           Gayle Appleyard & Steve Gittner (Architects for the development) will be attending the public meeting.
      2) Decisions made by Calderdale MBC:                     
           a)  17/00253/FUL- Construction of extension to houseplant-Near Shawcroft farm,Akroyd Lane,Pecket Well,Hebden Bridge,HX7 8TE.PENDING.

           b) 1700682/FUL & 17/00683/LBC-Renovation and conversion of farm building to create six dwellings. Old Town Farm,Old Town Mill Lane,Old Town HX7 8SW.PENDING.
            c)  17/00859/FUL-Demolition of existing single garage to facilitate double garage-3 Foot Kiln Wadsworth HX7 8TW.PENDING.

            d) 17/00087/FUL-Removal of existing agricultural building and formation of two dwellings-Land west of The Old Co-Op Hall Walker Lane Wadsworth Hebden Bridge.PENDING.

            e) 17/01091/CON-Conversion of former mistal to dwelling including garden and car parking area-The Brick Shack Midgehole Road Hebden Bridge HX7 7AN.PENDING.

            f) 17/00871/HSE & 1700872/LBC-Single storey extension to existing lean - to element of the dwelling,removal of existing flat roof and replacement with pitched roof,creation of internal staircase plus two roof-lights in main building-Ibbotroyd Barn,Walker Lane Wadsworth,Hebden Bridge HX7 8SJ.PENDING.

            g)   17/01352/FUL & 17/01353/LBC-Alterations & extension to existing farmhouse to form separate dwelling including the creation of car parking-Lower Small Shaw Farm,Small Shaw Lane,Wadsworth, Hebden Bridge HX7 8RF.PENDING.

            h) 17/01560/HSE-Single storey (double-height) rear extension to existing dwelling –Snay Booth Wadsworth Lane Hebden Bridge HX7 8TN. PENDING.
            i) 18/00045/FUL & 18/00046/LBC-Conversion of mill to create 21 dwellings with small business units & café.Demolition of sheds.
            Construction of 4 new dwellings.Provision of car parking,gardens & land scaped areas-Old Town Mill,Old Town Mill Lane,Old Town,Hebden Bridge.

            j) 18/00026/HSE-Porch & conservatory extensions & raised patio with glass baulustrade-Hollin Top Cottage Clough Lane Midgley HX2 6XB.PENDING.

            3) Other Items:
            a) Allswell Farm earth dwelling.  
            b) Automobilia 

173         Road and Footpath Matters:
            1) Feedback from Mr Andrew Pitts

174         Allotments and Garages:                                         
            1) Recovery of removal of garage costs
            2) Car parking spaces
            3) Wall at Pecket Well allotments

175      Playgrounds:
            1) Items for monthly checks                                    
            2) New playground equipment & playground ground maintenance
176         Reports from Councillors & outside meetings.
177        Date of next meeting & apologies in advance.    
Meetings are open to the public unless members agree to exclude the public for any items of confidential business.

Date of issue 20.03.2018