Minutes of the Meeting of Wadsworth Parish Council held on
Tuesday 28th November 2017 at 7.30pm in the Council Chamber,Hebden Bridge Town Hall.

Councillors Beasley,Fowler,Lynch,Hughes,Wade,Kimber,Spencer and Bell.

Councillor Ring (Chairman). Councillor Beasley (Vice Chair) chaired the meeting.

            None declared.    
           Councillor Beasley proposed to move item 109 (Road & Footpath Matters)
           forward as Mr Andrew Pitts (Head of Neighbourhoods ) was in attendance,
           seconded by Councillor Kimber,all in favour and Resolved.
           No members of the public were present.
           COUNCIL HELD ON 23rd OCTOBER 2017.                     
            It was proposed by Councillor Kimber that the above minutes be approved as a
            true record; seconded by Councillor Fowler, all in favour and Resolved.
             Item 88 (7) Councillor Bell stated that it should read “that the Land Registry
             has confirmed Parish Council ownership of the Pinfold and the adjacent land”.

            Mr Pitts informed the Council that the Safer Cleaner Greener Services were
            reducing the number of employed staff due to declining resources.They would
            still provide a basic level of service but would require the help of the Parish Council.Mr Pitts was informed that the Parish Council own the Community
            Centre,bowling green,allotments,playgrounds & village green and that the
            Council provide a grant to Wadsworth Environment group who clean up within
            the Parish.It was stressed to him that the Council maintain everything themselves.Various othe issues were raised with Mr Pitts.He will try and arrange for someone from Highways to attend a Council meeting.

            Councillor Beasley then raised the issues in item 109 on the agenda.The Clerk stated that she had received emails from Highways regarding the Speed Watch Reports and the 30mph signs.The details are below.Councillors asked the Clerk to forward the emails onto them following the meeting.

            1) Speed Watch Report
               The Clerk has received  a lengthy reply from Highways Dept regarding
                Councillor Beasley’s various letters and emails to them regarding issues
                on the A6033 and the police speed surveys.In brief Highways Dept are
                looking at the facts in the surveys and are doing all they can with the
                resources and funds available.The 30mph signs is dealt with in item 109
                (2) below and similarly Highways believe that the repeater signs also
                 meet requirements.Lining work has been re-issued to a new contractor and
                 Highways are awaiting a date for this work to be done.Various other
                 issued raised are dependent on resource and funding.
             2) 30mph sign
                 Highways Dept have stated that only one sign is necessary at Pecket Well.
                 TSRGD 2016 allows for only one sign at the 30mph gateway.The one
                 sign is clearly visible,the road is narrow,there is no on-street parking to
                 obstruct visibility,it’s on a yellow backing board,it’s illuminated at night,
                 and there’s a 30mph gateway with red surfacing and teeth markings.
                 Highways are content that the signs and road markings are adequate to
                 denote the changes in speed limit.In the event of the sign being blown
                 over it will be replaced as a matter of urgency.

104      a) LOCAL PLAN
                 Councillor Kimber reported that the Local Plan has once again been delayed
                 and the Neighbourhood Plan is also likely to be delayed.
                 Councillor Kimber stated that the Council needed to consider Wadsworth
                 Parish Council policies for the Neighbourhood Plan.Councillor Kimber said
                 that he would draft a summary and forward onto Councillors for their
                 approval.Some suggestions were to state that Old Town Green is
                 registered as a village green,no major development of wind turbines and
                 preservation of existing footpaths.Action:Councillor Kimber.

105        CLERK’S REPORT
1)    Items for consideration at the 2018 budget meeting
The Wadyacallit.Mary hasn’t time to send another newsletter out until January 2018.It was suggested that there should be two
newsletters-one in the Spring and one in the Autumn.Councillors
suggested that the newsletter should contain articles on local issues.
If Mary no longer has time to produce the newsletter then Councillor
Beasley has offered to take this on.The Clerk will contact Mary.
Action:The Clerk.
2)    Christmas Hampers
Councillor Beasley will order the hampers at the Post Office and organize
the distribution of them.Action:Councillor Beasley.

3)    Estate Agency signs at the Pinfold
Councillor Bell has advised the Estate Agents concerned that as the building is Grade 2 listed the Council do not want any more holes making in the property caused by the signs.
4)  Old Town Mill Lane
Advisory signs are to be placed at either end of Old Town Mill Lane indicating “No through traffic”.

          1) Items for payment
          a) Clerk’s salary                                       £453.54  
          b) Clerk-computer costs                                 £20.00
          c) 6 monthly playground inspections                     £168.00

£6.72 for stamps was added by the Clerk at the meeting and £72.00 for The Royal British Legion for the poppy wreaths and cross for. Remembrance Sunday.It was agreed to send a cheque for £100.00. The surplus to be a donation to the Royal British Legion. £20.00 is owed to the Parish Council by Wadsworth Community Centre. The Clerk will contact them for payment.Action:The Clerk.

It was proposed by Councillor Fowler that all the above items be approved for payment,seconded by Councillor Lynch,all in favour and Resolved.

2)  Grants  
None received.
3)  Other items
None received.                                                                         

1) Thank you letter from Old Town School for the Anne Newsome Grant for reading books.
2) Town & Parish Liaison Group Meeting (7th November)
3) Annual Christmas Concert-Halifax Town Hall (15th December).  The invite was given to Councillor Beasley in Councillor Ring’s absence.
1) New Applications:
1) 17/00087/FUL-Removal of existing agricultural building and formation of two dwellings-Land west of the Old Co-Op Hall Walker Lane, Wadsworth Hebden Bridge.It was proposed by Councillor Bell to support the application but to express regret that the previous application was rejected as the Parish Council felt that the application reflected the needs of the community,particularly low cost housing and sympathetic to the building environment,seconded by Councillor Beasley,all in favour and Resolved.

2) 17/01091/CON-Conversion of former mistal to dwelling including garden and car parking area.The Brick Shack Midgehole Road Hebden Bridge HX7 7AN.It was agreed to report why it had taken until 23rd November to inform the Parish Council of this application when Calderdale received it on 4th September.There hadn’t been any statutory notice or consultation and a similar conversion application had previously been denied after appeal.
3) 17/01355/LBC-Removal of rotten French style doors with bespoke 16th Century style oak doors & frame (LBC) –Old Town Hall, Old Town Mill Lane Old Town Hebden Bridge HX7 8SW.There was no objection to this application.

4)  17/01387/FUL-Extension of domestic garden and provision of vehicle access and parking-High Crag Keighley Road Hebden Bridge HX7 8QJ. There was no objection to this application.
2)  Decisions made by Calderdale:

a)   17/00253/FUL-Construction of extension to house plan-Near Shawcroft Farm,Akroyd Lane,Pecket Well,HX7 8TE.PENDING.

b) 17/00871/HSE & 1700872/LBC-Single storey extension to existing lean - to element of the dwelling,removal of existing flat roof and replacement with pitched roof,creation of internal staircase plus two roof-lights inmain building-Ibbotroyd Barn,Walker Lane Wadsworth,Hebden Bridge HX7 8SJ.PERMITTED.GRANT LISTED BUILDING CONSENT.

c) 17/00859/FUL-Demolition of existing single garage to facilitate double garage-3 Foot Kiln Wadsworth HX7 8TW.PENDING.

d)   17/01143/LBC-Extension and remodeling of existing house and barn (LBC) –Latham Farm, Latham Lane, Wadsworth,Hebden Bridge HX7 8TG.PENDING.The expiry date for this application has changed enabling Council to make a comment.It was proposed by Councillor Hughes that this seems a fairly major set of changes and that it is in a very sensitive location.Council have no objections in principle.They ask that the work is carried out in a way that has least impact possible and that the resulting development is closely in keeping with the existing building and it’s surroundings,seconded by Councillor all in favour and Resolved.

e)  17/00682/FUL & 17/00683/LBC-Renovation and conversion of farm buildings to create six dwellings- Old Town Farm,Old Town Mill Lane, Old Town, HX7 8SW. PENDING.

3)  Other Items:
None received.

a)   Allswell Farm
Nothing to report.Item to remain on the agenda.
b)  Automoblia                      
Nothing to report.Item to remain on the agenda. 
See item 103 above.

Councillor Beasley is still chasing the recovery of the monies for the removal of the garage. The Clerk will also send a letter to the person concerned. Action Councillor Beasley and the Clerk.
The Clerk has also received requests from two parishioners regarding car parking spaces.It was agreed that these will be considered at the January Finance meeting and for one request also following a site meeting.
111         PLAYGROUNDS
1) Items for monthly checks
Nothing to report as Councillor Spencer had to leave the meeting early.  It was assumed that he would carry out the monthly inspections.
2) New playground equipment.
On going.

1)    Councillor Hughes reported that he had attended the Town & Parish Liaison Group Meeting.Mr Pitts had attended that meeting and report there exactly what he had reported at the Parish Council meeting.

The Clerk confirmed that the next Parish Council meeting is on Tuesday 12th December at 7.30pm in the Council Chamber,Hebden Bridge Town Hall.
No advance apologies were received.

The meeting closed at 9.31pm.