Minutes of the Meeting of Wadsworth Parish Council
held on Monday 26th June 2017 at 7.30pm
in the Council Chamber,Hebden Bridge Town Hall.

Councillors Ring (Chairman), Beasley,Fowler,Spencer,Kimber,Lynch and Hughes.

Councillors Bell and Wade.

None declared.
Not required.

No members of the public were present.

21       APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES OF THE MEETING OF THE COUNCIL HELD ON 23rd MAY 2017.                     
It was proposed by Councillor Fowler that the above minutes be approved as a true record; seconded by Councillor Beasley, all in favour and Resolved.
Councillor Beasley reported that the bushes at the bus stop had now been cut back.

Councillor Kimber reported his frustration at the lack of progress and the Plan has been delayed until May 2018. Councillor Kimber will report to the Group that Wadsworth Parish Council are not prepared to contribute anymore money other than the amount originally agreed.
24        CLERK’S REPORT
1) Wadyacallit Newletter
Mary has confirmed that she will put an article in the August Wadyacallit and will also contact Councillor Bell regarding parishioners receiving the newsletter by email.

2) Staffing Committee Meeting Date
Chairman,Councillor Ring, asked that this be put on the July agenda.

3) Confirmation of Councillors on the Finance Committee                   
It was proposed by Councillor Hughes that the new Finance Committee shall be quorate with any three Councillors of the cheque signatory panel present, seconded by Councillor Kimber, all in favour and Resolved.

1) Items for payment
a) Clerk’s salary                                        £453.54  
b) Clerk-computer costs                                  £20.00
c) Rural Action Yorkshire-membership                     £35.00
Items added by the Clerk at the meeting:
Stamps                                                   £6.72
Kate Drury-website fee                                   £72.00
It was proposed by Councillor Fowler that all the above items be approved for payment, seconded by Councillor Hughes, all in favour and Resolved.
2)  Grants
a)  Mr Ben Gibson has confirmed that he will attend the July 25th meeting to discuss the Community Fibre Partnership.
3)  Other items
a) CROWS have arranged for a tree surgeon to take out a large oak tree and three birches at Smeakin’Hill memorial.They have asked for a donation of £50.00. It was proposed by Councillor Fowler that the Council are not opposed to the donation but would like to meet with CROWS to clarify that everyone is talking about the same trees and that they are on Council land not National Trust land, seconded by Councillor Lynch,all in favour and Resolved.The Clerk will contact Ricahrd Peters and he and the Councillors can arrange a meeting date.
Action;The Clerk and Councillors.
1) South Pennine Branch Annual meeting (14th June).Not attended.
2) Thank you letter from Wadsworth Environment Group for the grant to cover their annual insurance.
3) Emails from Parishioners regarding Lumb Falls.Parking, congestion, litter, road blockages, trespassing, anti social behaviour and attention to the Falls as a beauty spot. This email has also been sent to Highways Dept, Customer First and the police who have logged it with a crime reference number.It was agreed to contact the National Trust regarding this matter. Judith Patrick was their contact. She has now left this position.The Clerk will try and contact the National Trust to arrange a meeting.
Action:The Clerk.
4) YLCA Joint Annual Meeting (15th July)
5) Meeting at Birchcliffe Centre (25th September) to raise awareness of the absence of any war memorial in the Upper Calder Valley commemorating the sacrifices and contributions women made in the WW1 war effort.It was agreed to put this on the August agenda so that it can be decided who would like to attend the meeting & report back to the Council.

1) New Applications:
1) Renovation and conversion of farm buildings to create six dwellings, Old Town Farm,Old Town Mill Lane,Old Town HX7 8SN.
Application yet to be validated.
2) 17/00669/HSE-Extension of existing balcony at first floor with store under-1 Old Mill Ridge,Old Town,Hebden Bridge HX7 8RT.It was proposed by Councillor Hughes that there was concern over the choice of materials and it should not be of detrimental affect to the neighbours, seconded by Councillor Lynch,all in favour and Resolved.

3) 17/20084/TPO & 17/20085/TPO- Fell one tree & reduce one tree (TPO) Birch View, Midgehole Road, Hebden Beudge,HX7 7AA.It was proposed by Councillor Hughes that the Council were sympathetic to the application and were happy to support pruning of trees but opposed to felling, seconded by Councillor Fowler, all in favour and Resolved.

2)  Decisions made by Calderdale:
1) 17/00094/LBC-Installation of fire detection and alarm system,emergency lighting and escape signage.  Separation of escape route.Provision of wheelchair access by the creation of new landing and steps to west elevation. Additional WC. Improvements to kitchen.Addition of first floor kitchenette.(Listed Building Consent).Wainsgate Chapel,Wainsgate Lane, Wadsworth,Hebden Bridge.GRANTED LISTED BUILDING CONSENT.

2)   17/00253/FUL-Construction of extension to house plan-Near Shawcroft Farm,Akroyd Lane,Pecket Well,HX7 8TE.It was agreed to support this application.PENDING.

3) 17/20052/TPO-Prune seven trees (Tree Preservation Order) -13 Nursery Nook,Midgehole Road,Hebden Bridge HX7 8NA.PERMITTED.

4) 17/00438/FUL-Land between 36 & 43 Keighley Road Hebden Bridge.
3)  Other Items:

a)   Allswell Farm                                        
Nothing to report.The item to remain on the agenda.

b) Automoblia
The Clerk will contact the Enforcement Planning Officer for an update on the issue of tidying up the site.Action:The Clerk.
1) Proposed diversion of footpath
Nothing to report but the item to remain on the agenda.

2) Speed of cyclist through Pecket Well.
Councillor Beasley wrote to Mr Andrew Bingham at West Yorkshire Police. He has suggested that “Speed Watch” look at the matter.Eveyone agreed to this survey being carried out. Councillor Beasley will sort this with the police.Action:Councillor Beasley.
3) Sign Issues on the A6033.
Matter still on going and to remain on the agenda.

4) Locked gate
It was reported that a gate is locked each evening at Lower Crimsworth Farm by the owner. This is blocking the public right of way which leads onto the Parish War memorial at Smeaking’Hill. The Clerk will write to parishioner on behalf of the Councillors asking that the gate remains unlocked at all times.Action:The Clerk.

5) Scramble Bikes
Councillor Fowler reported that he had encountered two scramble bikes on the footpaths coming into Old Town.He will report this to the police on behalf of the Councillors. The contact is David Wilson the Footpaths Officer. Action:Councillor Fowler.
Councillor Kimber reported that cars parking outside properties at Sunny Royd are putting bollards around the cars in order to protect them. This is making the road single file and therefore very dangerous. This would be a serious matter if it resulted in an accident.

1)  Removal of garage
To date the garage hasn’t been removed even though a date had been set. Councillor Beasley will contact the contractor.Action: Councillor Beasley.

2) Elder Hedge
The Clerk has received a quote of £300 for the cutting down of the hedge at the allotments at Pecket Bar. It was agreed to go ahead and that the money will come out of the allotment fund. Councillor Beasley will contact the contractor.Action:Councillor Beasley.
3) Rent Payments                                        
The Clerk reported that all the rent payments have now been received. She asked if the allocation of parking spaces could be discussed once the removal of the garage had been sorted.
1) Items for monthly checks
Councillor Spencer stated that there wasn’t anything to report and that he would carry out next month’s inspections.There were some wooden stepping blocks that needed replacing and he would sort them. Action:Councillor Spencer.
2)  Drainage at Pecket Well playground.
Still on going

3)   New playground equipment.
Councillors Spencer & Beasley will look at purchasing some new goal posts. Action:Councillors Spencer & Beasley.
Councillor Beasley reported that he had attended Old Town School Sports Day at the Cricket Club.
The Clerk confirmed that the next Parish Council meeting is on Tuesday 25th July 2017 at 7.30pm in the Council Chamber,Hebden Bridge Town Hall.
No advance apologies were received.

The meeting closed at 9.20pm.