Tuesday 24th September 2019 at the Council Chamber at Hebden Bridge Town hall




82        Members Present and Apologies for Absence.                      

83        Members Interests-to remind members of the need to declare any interests

            they might have in relation to items on this agenda.

84        Resolution to re-order the Agenda.

85       Public Discussion Time.

86       Approval of the Minutes of the Meeting of the Council held on 27th August 2019               

87       Matters arising from the above Minutes.


88        Local Plans

a)   Calderdale Council Local Plan - Report from Cllr Kimber

            b)   Neighbourhood Plan - Report from Cllr Kimber


89       Clerk’s Report:

           Press release and actions regarding cooption of Cllrs.


90        Financial Matters:

           1)    Items for payment:

            a)    Salaries                                                                £404.72

            b)    HMRC                                                                 £101.20

           c)    Allowance and reimbursement:

       - computer allowance                                          £20.00                                    

                   - ink value colour multi pack                                £39.46

                   - 10 x dog signs                                                    £13.80


d)    Noticeboard repairs                                              £528.50

e)    Insurance 2019/20                                                £436.12


          2)   Grants:

                  None received.    


                 3)   Other Items:

                 a)   HMRC – digital tax

                 b)   Card payments and digital banking.                     


91       Correspondence:                                                                    

None received at time of agenda publication.


92        Planning:

1)    New Applications:


None received at time of agenda publication.


2)    Decisions made by Calderdale MBC:


a)    17/00253/FUL- Construction of extension to houseplant-Near Shawcroft Farm,

                      Akroyd Lane, Pecket Well, Hebden Bridge, HX7 8TE. PENDING


b)    15/01606/NMA Non-material amendment to application 15/01606/CON Introduction of new/obscured windows to rear of building, alterations to the form of the previous extension-Old Town Chapel, Walker Lane PENDING


c)    17/00683/LBC-Renovation and conversion of farm building to create six dwellings. Old Town Farm, Old Town Mill Lane, Old Town HX7 8SW. PENDING


            4)   Other Items:


a)  Update stone shed at Wilcroft Terrace, Pecket Well.


                 93        Road and Footpath Matters:

a)    Pecket Well Neighbourhood Watch letter – highways issues update.

b)    Tree inspections update


94       Allotments and Garages:                                          


95        Playgrounds:

a)    Inspection regime and repairs update – Pennine Playgrounds details and quotes.

b)    Potential funding update – Playscheme.


                 96        Website design and new accessibility legislation update.


                 97        Adoption of YLCA recommended complaints procedure.


98        ICO data protection fee.


                 99        Reports from Cllrs & outside meetings.   


                 100      Date of next meeting & apologies in advance.

                             October 22nd 2019  


Meetings are open to the public unless members agree to exclude the public for any items of confidential business.


Date of issue 18.09